Fashion Friday! Skirt

I saw this skirt on Pinterest and knew I needed one. The orignal is a Nic + Zoe skirt from Nordstroms, which cost about $130.

I made mine for $16.20! I purchased the fabric and zipper from Joanns. I used my 1-hour skirt technique for the basic skirt and added the pleats as an embelishiment. Total time to construct was less than 2 hours.

To make this, I created a basic pencil skirt. I created 1 1/2″ tubes of the fabric and stiched them to the front of the skirt in an asymetrical design.

The skirt takes an 1/2 yard more fabric than a pencil skirt to create the pleats.

Take my class on a 1-hour skirt at Quilting at the Beach and create your own!


sewing the bodice

Another week of sewing under my belt.  This week I sewed the bodice together and the bodice lining.

bodice sewn

bodice sewn

I have decided to put an invisible zipper in the side seam in order to get in & out of the dress.   But buttons down the back of a gown are always beautiful, so I did that also.  I wanted it to look like that is the real closure.  Before I sewed the center back seam, I added button loop near the center back seam.  The I sewed the two back pieces together near the edge, as shown below.

Button loop on back

Button loop on back

sewn areas on back

sewn areas on back

By folding the fabric from the left side over to the right, I end up with a button placket that looks like it is an opening.

Folding the center back seam

Folding the center back seam

Buttons will be added:

Center Back buttons

Center Back buttons

I had the button loop left over from Leann’s gown and I probably still have enough left for another dress or a nice blouse.   That is why I need so much storage for my sewing.  I keep the remaining fabric & notions from previous projects, because you never know when you will need them again.  (At least, that is what I tell my husband that I need an entire closet just for my sewing supplies.)

Great progress.   Next weekend we have a fitting!

We have Fabric!

The fabric arrived on Friday April 24th. It is very exciting. I found it atDharma Trading Companyfor a very good price.  It is Silk Charmeuse in ivory.   Dharma sells many kinds of natural fabrics for dying.  This Silk is actually a natural color but it is also the perfect color ivory.   Dharma also has pre-made accessories and clothing to dye or print.   It is a very cool site.

On Saturday, I went and purchased the lining material, buttons, zipper and thread.   Everything is ready to begin.   I plan on having the dress all cut out by the end of the weekend.


Pearls and beading

What kinds of pearls and beading do you like?

How much lace?

The next question on the gown is how much lace to put on it.   I know you haven’t see the gown nor do you know much about the design.   We are going to keep some things secret.

Generally speaking, how much lace do you like to see on a wedding gown for a summer wedding?