Weighted Blankets

A while back my sister asked me to make her a blanket that was heavy like the lead cover used at the dentist.  Frankly, I thought she was crazy, but I would do anything for her.

I researched weighted blankets and found they were very useful in helping to calm people with anxiety and autism.  The added weight is comforting like being tucked tightly into bed.

I made this blanket for her with 12 pounds of stuffing pellets, like these at Joann’s.  I used 2 twin sized sheets.  


To construct the blanket, I sewed the 2 sheets together to create a sack and turned it right side out.  I stitched around 3 sides twice to make sure it was a strong seam.  Then I sewed 8 channels down the length of the sack.  I marked the seam lines by ironing the blanket in half and then in half 2 more times.  It gave me a nice straight sewing line the length of the sack.

The online instructions for a blanket is 1 pound of weight for every 10 pounds the person weighs.  I used less than that and still make the blanket 12 pounds.  I don’t think I would go much heavier than that, even for an adult man.  It is quite heavy.

Then we have to do some math.  Basically, you are quilting the blanket in a square grid pattern.  Determine the number of columns you have and how many crosswise rows you will stitch.  Your total weight will be different based on the size of the recipient.  Here it is:   6 bags of beads X 32 ounces per bag = 192 ounces of beads.   192 ounces / 8 columns = 24 ounces per column.   24 ounces / 8 rows per column = 3 ounces per quilted square.   

Pour the 3 ounces of beads in each of the columns and shake it to the bottom.   Stitch across the width of the blanket.  Then pour 3 ounces in each column and shake it down to the stitch line and stitch across.  Continue until all beads are used.  Then I double stitched across the top.  And I was done.

The blanket was a huge success.  Both my sisters sat under it all afternoon.  4 other people in the room asked for one for Christmas – so I guess my list is half done!



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