Seam Finishes: the flat felled seam

Flat Felled Seams are great because they are strong, there is no edges to ravel or to rub on your skin and they can make a garment reversible. Below are the basic steps to creating a flat felled seam.

1. Match WRONG sides together and stitch a standard 5/8″ seam.
Stitch WRONG sides together
2. Trim ONE (only ONE) of the seam allowances to 1/4″
Trim one seam allowance

3. Iron the seam allowance to one side, so that the longer allowance covers the narrow allowance.

4. Fold the longer allowance to the underside, enclosing the narrow allowance.
Fold Under

5. Stitch the allowance down close to the folded edge.
Stitch close to fold

This is a beautiful and classic seam finishing. I have a silk charmeuse camisole that uses this finish to allow it to be reversible.


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