Child Labor

I have to admit.  I succumbed to using child labor for this gown.    It is such an easy thing to do.  You see, we were up in New Hampshire for the bridal shower and I was stringing beads to be used on the gown.  These beads are very small and even with my strong reading glasses, they were hard to see.   There were several girls around waiting for the party to start, so I asked them if they wanted to help.   I received help from three girls – ages 14, 10 and 5!    They did an excellent job, saving me from several nights of stringing beads.

Nicole, my niece and the bride’s sister created 3 strings of seed beads.   Tory joined us later in the day and completed a string of bugle beads and a string of seed beads.  Keira, age 5, did an excellent job of stringing bugle beads.

Here is Nicole & Keira busy at work:

Keira, Nicole & Bobbi stringing beads

Keira, Nicole & Bobbi stringing beads

This weekend I am sewing the beads on the gown.


2 thoughts on “Child Labor

  1. love the helpers and the gown……

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