An hour for Leann

I took an hour out this week to make a slip for Leann.  She asked me to make her an eyelet slip back around Christmas.  I purchased the eyelet in January and it has been sitting in my sewing room since.   In order to make a slip or a simple skirt, I usually purchase a length of material that is the hip measurement plus 10 inches.  That allows me to make a slim skirt or a moderately full skirt.   For the eyelet slip, I purchased double the length I needed in order to do a gathered flounce of the eyelet.

to make the slip:

1. I determined I wanted a 10 inch flounce.  this was mainly due to the amount of embroidered eyelet on the edge.   I serged the flounce off the entire length of fabric.

2. I cut the remaining fabric to her approximate hip measurement plus 8 inches.  This gives a nice loose slip.  I am doing this in one piece instead of a separate back & front for speed and ease.

3.  I gathered the flounce to the body of the slip.   I quartered each piece, then pinned the flounce to the slip gathering evenly across the full width.   Then I sewed the flounce to the slip.

4.  I determined the finished length of the slip to be 24 inches, which on Leann is a few inches below the knee.   I cut the excess off of the top of the slip.

5.  I sewed the the slip into a tube, creating one center back seam.

6.  I had 3/4 inch wide elastic for the top.  I cut that equal to her waist measurement.  I created a casing at the top of the slip by folding over 1 1/4″ and zig-zag stitching over the raw edge, leaving a 3 inch opening to feed the elastic.   The zig-zag allowed me to sew the casing and finish the egde at the same time.

7.  I threaded the elastic through the casing.  Overlapping it about an inch, I sewed the elastic together being careful not to twist it.  Overlapping makes the elastic about 2 inches smaller than her waist.  The eyelet is very light, so that should be tight enough to hold it up, but allowing her to breath.  then I sewed the casing closed.

This eyelet had ‘beading’.  Beading is the open slots just wide enough for ribbon.  So I threaded some pink ribbon through the slip and tied it in a bow.

here is the finished project on Jac’s form.

Leann's summer slip

Leann's summer slip


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