Cutting out the dress

On Sunday, I cut out the dress!

Because I custom fitted the muslin, I had separate pattern pieces for the left and right.  That means I had to cut the bodice in a single layer.  The benefit of this is that Jac will get a custom fit, even if her body is lopsided.   And lets face it ladies, we all have lopsided bodies in one way or another.  For most women, one side is larger or higher or something.  By custom fitting your clothes, you can hide the difference.

Here is the bodice being layed out on the fabric.

All layed out & ready to cut

All layed out & ready to cut

Take a deep breath, because we are ready to cut!   I always take a break & a deep breath before cutting such important fabric.  I also cut it all in one sitting, just so I don’t forget how I had it layed out for the nap of the fabric.  In my experience all fabric has a nap.  In some it is much less noticeable than others.  But it is possible that the human eye will not be able to see a change in color, but the camera will.  Since a wedding dress is photographed all day long, I didn’t want to take any chances.  All the pieces were cut out in the same direction to the sheen of the fabric will be consistent on all photos.

Half of the bodice cut

Half of the bodice cut

And here we are – All done cutting.    I can breathe a sigh of relief.   I got it all cut out and I have enough fabric left in case I run into a problem with any piece.  Hard to believe that this small set of folded fabric will be a wedding dress with a train – but it will. (the cd is just there to give you scale.)

All cut out

All cut out

And speaking of scales,  the entire fabric for the dress, fashion fabric & lining, weighs a total of 1 lb 10 oz.  It is going to be so light, Jac will feel like she is naked.   Oh, I hope that comment does not trigger any nightmares of walking down the aisle in her birthday suit.

Next: construction begins!


3 thoughts on “Cutting out the dress

  1. Bobbi,

    I love reading your blog and imagining Jac in the beautiful dress you are creating. It is so much fun to see your entries. I find the whole process of making this dress very fascinating.

    Jac’s Uncle Bob has not followed the site as I have…and I am under strict orders from him not to share anything I see. He wants to see his Goddaughter in her wedding gown for the first time walking down the aisle. I can’t blame him for that…so I secretly enjoy your entries alone at our house.

    We were both very sorry to hear about your Dad’s passing. May your memories of your Dad bring you comfort when you need it.

    Looking forward to the big day. Keep blogging. See you soon.


  2. Yes, this whole process is very interesting and exciting. The ladies in my office think so too!!
    We’re all having so much fun watching the progress and looking forward to seeing Jacquelyn on her wedding day. Looking gorgeous in her beautiful hand made wedding dress.

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