Making the dress in muslin

I am a little behind on my posts.   Two weeks ago, I took the draft pattern and put parts of the dress together in muslin.  This allows us to try the dress on for a fitting.   Since musling is so much cheaper than the silk the dress will be made of, we could play with the style to see what looks best.

I put the dress together inside out.  I left 3″ on each side for the seams.  This allows plenty of room to adjust the pattern to either bigger or smaller.  If I left the seams at the standard 5/8th inch seams, there would be little room for change – especially if it needed to be bigger.

I sewed the pattern seam lines in Red, but actually seamed the muslin in blue – allowing me to see where the changes needed to be made on the pattern itself.    It came together easily.  I put the bodice together, minus one side seam so that Jac could get into it.   I had to make several adjustments to the skirt.   At first, it was way too full.  The gowns Jac liked had a semi-fitted skirt.   Then I played with box pleats in the back to ease the fullness.  I think this will give a more tailored look than gathers.

What do you think so far?

muslin of the bodice

muslin of the bodice

the Back

the Back

Jac came for her first fitting last week.   I’ll have that post up by the end of the week.


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