The Fourth Dress

The fourth wedding dress I made was for my sister-in-law Kendra.  After Jay and Kendra announced their engagement, I offered to make the dress. Kendra and her family were very brave because they had never seen any of my work before.  For all they knew, she would show up in a flour sack.  Of course, it did not end up that way.

Kendra and Jay were living in Ireland when we started her dress.  This time I had the Duct Tape Double trick to use.   I had Kendra make a dress form out of duct tape.  The only person she could get to help her was my father – her future father-in-law!   Lets just say it was a bonding experience for both of them.    Having the dress form was invaluable because I was only going to get one shot at a fitting with Kendra during the week before the wedding.

During their years in Europe, Jay & Kendra did a lot of traveling.  She picked up a beautiful white silk from Thailand to make the dress.  It was just slightly off-white; not as dark as an ivory.  We underlined it in a bright white, which gave it a luminescent quality.  It was beautiful for the late summer wedding.   The design is similar to a Priscilla of Boston dress that was advertised in 1991.  It had cummerbund in gold and a sweep train.  The neckline, arms and hem all had piping in the same gold as the cummerbund.

This dress required the most modification.  I started with this pattern



– eliminated the sleeves, modified the neck and waist to be more rounded and less of a V.    I changed the pleats in the skirt – and we had a dress!


The back closure was buttons and the only lace was on the cumberbund.

Doesn’t she look beautiful?


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