First Wedding Gown

The first wedding gown I made was for my sister Jody.  She is a brave soul.  This was my first attempt at something so important.  I had been making clothes for quite some time, but nothing quite so grand.   Jody is just over 5 feet tall.  We decided to make a fairly simple gown, keeping all the lace at the bodice and sleeves in order to lengthen the look.    We also made the veil the same length as the train to avoid a line across her mid-section from behind.

I used Simplicity 6241 with little adjustment to the pattern.   We found a beautiful fabric at Cloth World (now Joann’s) that looked like China Silk.  It had a beautiful drape and it was very light for the June 1986 wedding.  We spent the most budget on the Alencon lace – almost $20 a yard.  I think the fabric as $2.50 a yard in 1985.  By plan, we only needed about 2 yards of lace for the dress.  We found a complementing lace for the veil for under $4 per yard.   We needed about 6 yards of it for the edge of the veil.

Doesn’t she look beautiful?


One thought on “First Wedding Gown

  1. Bobbi did a great job all of our dresses. They really showed who each of us were. However, on her blog is it necessary to keep saying how short I am!!!! 5′ 2″ per my license is respectable.

    Bobbi had a lot of the dress made a month before my wedding when she can for an unexpected visit since our grandmother passed away. We were able to try on the dress and see how it went with my features. We learned that my boobs are uneven, so lace was definately needed on the bodice. We thought about lace half sleeves, but once it was on noticed the lace sleeves were not enough for my proportions.

    I looked wonderful that day and felt so lucky that someone so close (but living in Arizona) had made my dress. Keeping it in the family. I didn’t even get it dirty. That was quite a task for me.

    Thanks Bobbi, JODY

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